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September 2021
For the first time since the opening of the Dynamic Archive (2019), a private archive, inventoried in the Dynamic Archive, is transferred to an institutional archive. The early years archive of the 35-year-old CINEKID festival has been handed over to the EYE filmarchive.

Editors' Picks
Anthon Beeke, Bart Visser, Bert Nienhuis, Dhian Siang Lie, Floris Guntenaar, Herman GordijnJan Joris Lamers, Jan Klatter, Javier López Piñón, Jos Wong, Mirjam Grote Gansey, Nicky Nina de Jong,
Paul GallisPeter Schat, Rieks Swarte, Rien BekkersStans Lutz

In the first year, 310 events were documented and enriched with a total of 3012 visuals related to these events. 
Other users documented 35 exhibitions, 860 photo inventories, 150 documents and share data in 43 projects.

Please note that the information uploaded by the members can only be found and used for research if the creator gives explicit permission for publication. Some important work or documentation is of course kept private by its owner, only selected work is shown publicly or open for research. 

Your work 'highlighted'? Send us a message when a performance or event is expected and your work is involved (or recently uploaded in our database). 
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The archive offers artists and designers the tool to catalog their work, digitize documents, maintain their private library and build their own web exhibitions.
As a result, the archive provides not only access to the general public, but also the established institutional archives. Due to the 'bottom-up' structure, an unprecedented number of objects will be accessible online for deeper research.
Visiting storage rooms, unpacking boxes and folders is reduced to a simple Internet search for works that can be identified as relevant for inclusion in the established institutional archives (I.A.: Theater in NederlandHet Nieuwe Instituut, Allard Pierson, ISSGNetherlands Institute for Art History)