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News 28 juni 2021: artikel in de Theaterkrant & Scenography.World are affiliate portals of the foundation.

The dynamic digital archive that maps the work and developments in the field of performing arts. Work selected by the members themselves can be made accessible to an audience of colleagues, researchers and the general public. The archive supports designers, artists and organizations who work in the performing arts environment. Membership provides a handsome digital archive and management tool for cataloguing visual material, objects, documents, library, events and web exhibitions. It also provides a production platform for support and documentation of new productions.

Dynamic Archive has chosen English as Lingua Franca, to make it easier to share information with the international cultural world and the many cross-border partnerships.

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Private members

Members have access to their own private archive: a management tool for cataloguing images, texts, objects, events and web exhibitions. A living digital archive as a fertile source for the preservation of the theater heritage and thus for broadening the knowledge and development of the performing arts and its history.

Keep in touch with your colleagues: This new feature finds all people you have worked with listed in the events database. After login, choose 'Directory' > 'Collaborated with'

Company membership

Performing art companies can use the archive to inventory and catalog their physical (analogue) archives and production processes.
The company appoints the responsible archivist(s) or registrar(s) to maintain the company's digital archive.
Several employees can be appointed to access their specific collection (e.g. photo inventory, press, costume, etc.).
In contrary to the 'private' artists archive, the company archive is structured differently.

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