The Dynamic Archive

a network archive

DNA is in its origin a network archive*
Members use the same software and database since its inception through the Saas structure (since 2000**).

Persons or Companies that use the archive structure, decide themselves to keep their data private, or share parts of data with colleagues or the general public. 
In this way, creatives with a similar focus or shared goals, working alone or in concert, establish the virtual network or community.
DNA provides the network platform for collecting and archiving the works related to the focus or goals of the network participants.

Connecting themes, ideas, subjects or goals with other participants can be established by using the Project, Event, and Network modules.


Projects can be started by any member and become automatically the moderator or administrator.

Events can only be uploaded by producers.
Event participants -connected to the Events by the producers- can upload their work, documents, etc. to the Event(s).

Networks can be set up on request by sending a short description of the focus, subject or goal of the network (or community).

Work and events from different periods, produced by different creatives, based on shared goals, principles or ideas, result in a theme or subject-based network archive. The serie of events that were, or are, part of the subject, objective, or other, form the key for the event participants to upload data related to their events, collection, library and other.
In this way, the events and the connected participants, generate a public collection of the events or subjects related data.

Since its founding, new developments are generated by the user-members of the SaaS platform and executed by the DNA IT-architects.
The software development platform has proven its flexibility over the years. Significant changes to the data model have been made several times since its inception.

*) the term 'network archive' is introduced in november 2021 by dr. Hanna Bosma (UVA, Faculty of Humanities Capaciteitsgroep Muziekwetenschap)
The exisiting SaaS feature and datamodel was named as 'collective archiving', the 'network archiving' is considered to be an upgrade to a more focused and defined group co-operation.

**) the orginal application that served as fundament of the dynamic archive was founded in 2000 in cooperation with the ICN